Corporate Policies

Code of Ethics

We always conduct our own services honestly and honourably. Our advice, strategic assistance and the methods imparted through our training, take proper account of ethical considerations, together with the protection and enhancement of the moral position of our clients and suppliers. Read More

Quality Policy

Declarators Pte Ltd is committed to adding value to our clients by delivering product and service excellence and exceeding their expectations & requirements. The Company operates Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Read more

Corporate Security Policy Statement

At Declarators Pte Ltd, we aim to deliver value to our customers by providing the fastest, most reliable services without exposing our customers or ourselves to security related risks. Security is the vital element of our service and key to the success of the company. Everyone in the organization and its related business units is responsible for taking the necessary precautions that will safeguard consignments and assets entrusted to our care. We must therefore create secure environments that can be trusted by our customers and other stakeholders as well as the national regulatory bodies. Read more

Environmental Policy

Declarators Pte Ltd is committed to promoting greater environmental stewardship, and continue to explore environmentally friendly modes of operations for our business. We must ensure that any business decisions consider the effect on the environment, and that any impacts are appropriately addressed and sufficiently mitigated. Read more

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Declarators Pte Ltd is committed to develop a company culture that supports its Occupational Health and Safety values by encouraging safe working behaviors and implementing processes that ensure the safety and health of all employees, contractors, customers and the communities associated with our operations. Read more

Work from Home Policy

An employee may be eligible to work remotely if their duties can be met through basic hardware and software, they’ve proven to be trustworthy, disciplined, and self-motivated, and have been given permission by the company. Read more

Trade Compliance Policy

Declarators Pte Ltd  is committed to compliance with all import and export controls in accordance to the Regulation of Imports and Exports Act and the Customs Act. This commitment extends to promoting strict compliance on an on-going basis with terms and conditions. Read more

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