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About Us

Declarators Pte Ltd is a multiple award winning declaring agent in Singapore with a paid up capital of SGD500,000. The organization was established with the aim of assisting our clients to reduce workload and manpower cost, while providing permit declaration solutions. Our highly professional permit declaration services brings forward the most professional and dedicated personnel using Singapore Customs approved declaration platforms.

We have also extended our services to provide on-board courier (handcarry), local courier/despatch deliveries via motorcycle and deployment of manpower for permit declaration, freight and logistics formalities islandwide Singapore. Over the years, Declarators has expanded rapidly as a reputable customs declaring agent well-known for our dedication and commitment to serve.

Our Uniqueness

We are the only declaring agent in Singapore dedicated to provide one-stop permit declarations, local despatch service and Carnet/COO applications altogether.


As trade is a key component of Singapore economy, Declarators will act as critical intermediary between Singapore Customs and the trading community. We facilitate legislative declarations for all import, export or transshipment of goods and ensure traders comply with the Singapore Government requirement.


Declarators aspires to be Singapore’s fastest and most cost-efficient one-stop customs declaration solutions and local courier/despatch service provider to our clients


We offer the most competitive prices islandwide while providing value-added services to our clients. We ensure our client’s shipment to be custom cleared and their documents to be delivered within the fastest time at lowest cost.

Our Core Values

Reliable Declaring Agent


Depend on us, your premier declaring agent in Singapore, for consistent and precise customs management.

Flexible Customs Declaring Agent


Adapting swiftly to Singapore Customs’ demands, we ensure flexible and efficient customs clearance.

Custom Clearance Singapore


As your responsive customs declaring agent, we quickly address your needs for smooth operations.

Fast Custom Clearance Singapore


We expedite custom clearance in Singapore, ensuring your cargo moves fast and without hassle.

Singapore Customs Declaring Agent


Accuracy is our commitment; as your custom declaring agent, every declaration is exact and compliant.

Why Hire a Declaring Agent in Singapore?

  • Singapore has a dynamic trade environment. Specific regulations such as the Customs Act, the Regulation of Imports and Exports Act, and various Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) create a complex regulatory framework. A declaring agent like Declarators specializes in customs clearance and trade facilitation, ensuring that businesses comply with all legal requirements, including accurate tariff classifications, proper valuation of goods, and applying the correct duty exemptions under FTAs. This compliance is crucial to avoid penalties, fines, or delays in goods clearance.
  • Furthermore, declaring agents are instrumental in navigating procedures set by the Singapore Customs, such as securing permits through TradeNet, Singapore’s national single window for trade declaration. They ensure that all documents are in order, from the Bill of Lading to the packing list and commercial invoices, which are essential for both import and export processes. By doing so, declaring agents like Declarators facilitate a smooth and expedited customs clearance process, preventing any disruptions in the supply chain that could incur additional costs or logistical headaches.
  • Lastly, the role of declaring agents extends to staying current with policy changes and leveraging technology for efficient customs clearance. With initiatives such as the ASEAN Single Window and the digitisation of trade processes, a proficient declaring agent can help businesses take advantage of streamlined procedures and digital solutions for faster turnaround times. Declarators, with their hands-on expertise and commitment to keeping up with technological advancements, assure businesses that their trade activities are managed effectively, allowing them to remain competitive in the global market.
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