Local Courier

Launched in Jan 2016, Declarators local courier covers every Singapore address with document & small parcel deliveries. Whether it is your company’s urgent or time-sensitive, single or multiple shipments, Declarators local courier is your one-stop solution provider, designed to meet all your delivery needs.


Our local courier service is fully digital, job booking is just a click away from your mobile phone & PC!

Key Advantages of Our Local Courier Service

GPS Real-Time Tracking

Instant Proof-of-Delivery (POD)
upon job completion

Ease of Booking, accessible via
PC or mobile anytime

Elimination of consignment
notes and manual sorting

Minimizing human errors such as
incorrect delivery location

Streamlined customer service

Our Streamlined Local Courier Platform

Local courier services play an essential role in the logistics and transportation industry, providing a critical link between businesses and customers. These services specialize in the delivery of documents and small parcels within a specific locality, ensuring goods are transported quickly and efficiently. In urban settings like Singapore, where time-sensitive deliveries are commonplace, local courier services like Declarators are indispensable for both personal and business logistics.

PC/Desktop Version

The PC/desktop version of our local courier platform offers comprehensive functionality with an intuitive layout. Senders can easily create tasks, track parcels in real-time, and manage deliveries with just a few clicks. The integration of maps provides a visual and interactive way to pinpoint locations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in dispatch and delivery.

Mobile Version

The mobile version puts the power of our local courier platform in your pocket. Designed for on-the-go access, it allows users to manage their delivery tasks with ease, even when away from the desk. The streamlined mobile interface ensures that all the essential features are readily available, enabling quick task creation, status updates, and real-time tracking for a smooth logistical experience.

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