Sustainability and Green Initiatives

Declarators recognises the importance of green initiatives for our workspace & employees. We also recognize that a healthy planet means a sustainable life for future generations. 


We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well being of the community.


Plant a Tree Programme 2023

25th Feb 2023, 830am – We had the privilege of joining the OneMillionTrees movement and planted 2 trees which we donated to NParks at Defu Lane, playing our part to make Singapore more greener!
We are grateful and proud to be given this opportunity to participate in this programme, which aims to restore nature in Singapore through the planting of a million trees over the next 10 years.

ECO Office Certification

Declarators is certified with ECO Office under “Professional Tier” as of 12th Dec 2022 by the Singapore Environment Council (SEC)


ECO Certifications are a critical integral component of GreenDNA, a certification system that encourages organizations to adopt a Low Carbon Lifestyle, a green mindset of using One Less, and the practice of Responsible Consumption, rewarding them with internationally recognised carbon emissions reduction (CER) reports and the GreenDNA Certificate.


Launched in December 2018, the enhanced Eco Office programme provides our organization with new tools and approaches to begin our certification journey. This includes a greater focus on change management and driving behavioural changes amongst employees.


E-Waste Corporate Pledge


Declarators is proud to be among 60 organisations that have made a corporate pledge to minimise e-waste, as part of SGTech’s eRevival Square.


We have pledged to reuse, recycle and reduce our consumptions and consumables in our daily lives. We believe that the logistics sector must take collective action and be part of the solution to Singapore’s and global sustainability.


eRevival Square is organised by SGTech in partnership with SGTech members Meta Singapore and Sustainable Living Lab (SL2) and supported by National Environment Agency (NEA). This initiative aims to raise and expand awareness about the sustainable management of e-waste, and the broader issue of living sustainably.


Green Nation Pledge

Declarators has made our Green Nation Pledge as a contributor by committing not to use bottled water for meetings/events and to reduce the use of single-use disposables. This is in addition to our ongoing efforts to explore ways to further digitalise our work processes to reduce the need for paper documents.
The Green Nation Pledge, supported by the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment, was launched on 19 September 2022. Individuals, educational institutions and organisations are invited to come forward to make a pledge to take action, and help make Singapore a green, liveable and climate-resilient home.

Say YES to Waste Less (SYTWL) Campaign

We have partner with The National Environment Agency (NEA) for the Say YES to Waste Less (SYTWL) Campaign. 
First launched by NEA in 2019, SYTWL aims to encourage the reduction of disposables and food waste.

To #SaveSemakau, the Singapore Green Plan aims to reduce waste sent to our landfill by 20% by 2026. This will also reduce the amount of waste being incinerated, which contributes to climate change. Making this happen will require the help of everyone to #SayYEStoWasteLess, including you.

Through a partnership approach, the campaign drives awareness, action and advocacy on these topics among businesses and consumers. We can all do our part to reduce waste and protect our environment, partner with us today under the SYTWL!

OneMillionTrees Movement 2022

We have contributed to the OneMillionTrees Movement and will be planting two trees during the first quarter of next year.
The OneMillionTrees movement is a nationwide effort to plant a million trees across Singapore over the next 10 years, bringing the number of trees in Singapore to more than 8 million.
This is part of our efforts to transform Singapore into a City in Nature, which is a key pillar under the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Low Formaldehyde Commitment Statement

We have signed the Low Formaldehyde Commitment Statement on April 2022. The Low Formaldehyde Commitment Statement is part of the Alliance for Action on Sustainable Spaces’ effort to raise public awareness and open up opportunities for suppliers of sustainable products and services that can improve wellness and quality of living.


Formaldehyde is commonly used in building products and household furnishings, but products containing the chemical can release particles that are hazardous to health at high levels of exposure.


The statement, which is in support of the Singapore Green Plan 2030, was officially rolled out on Monday (April 11) by Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat. Click here for the list of organizations onboard of the commitment statement.

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