Declarators 5 Year Service Award

Introducing our recipients of Declarators 5 year Service Award! (Our most rewarding and prestigious award till date)
It’s the Year 2024, employee loyalty is becoming an increasing rare commodity. Thus, It’s remarkable that we have given long service award to a total of 9 employees! (2 have left)
These dedicated long-tenure employees have weathered multiple storms with us, and their loyalty speaks volumes about the workplace culture we have cultivated.
Whether is our current or ex-employees, they are the backbone of our organization. They have witness Declarator’s evolution from a startup to one of the fastest growing companies in Singapore.
We hereby recognize and salute all our winners!
From top left to right:
1. Renee Lim
2. Elaine Tieu
3. Lee Kim Lun
4. Rita Gwee
5. Yap Shu Qi
6. Jacky Tan
7. Ting Jia Jun

Elaine Tieu

Renee Lim

Ting Jia Jun

Lee Kim Lun

Jacky Tan

Yap Shu Qi

Rita Gwee

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