Handcarry from Shanghai to Mauritius

From Singapore to Shanghai


**Another Urgent Handcarry task to Shanghai accomplished**
At Declarators, we believe that nothing is impossible and we always go beyond expectations to prioritize our customer’s urgent request.
We received a job request at 7pm for goods collection from Shanghai, China. Timeline given was less than 24 hours.
Within a span of just 10 minutes, we presented our quotation to client and activated our handcarry specialist Denis to board the midnight flight!
Our 5 core values of Reliability, Flexibility, Responsiveness, Speed, and Accuracy guide every aspect of Declarators’ operations!

From Shanghai to Mauritius


Ending the week with another handcarry mission to Mauritius!
Our handcarry specialist Denis took a gruesome 24 hour flight (with 2 transits) from Shanghai to Mauritius!
Denis managed to be reunited with our two fellow colleagues Zakee and Yi Feng! In total we have activated 3 manpower for the same destination.
Declarators has a huge team of experience and dedicated handcarry specialist. Let us take care of the logistics. We handle all the organizational procedures involved in on-board courier services, so you can focus on your core business activities without worrying about the transportation of your items.
Also with Declarators On Board Courier, your shipments are always handled with the greatest care to ensure a safe, secure and on-time delivery, every time.
Only at Declarators, you get paid to travel, stay in a beach resort and enjoy breathtaking views of Indian Ocean!

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