Influential Brands Top Employer 2024

15th March 2024 – Declarators is thrilled to be awarded the Top Employer 2024 by Influential Brands!


This award is a testament to the company’s commitment to providing an exceptional employee experience.


Our Founder and Managing Director, Mr Javier Yip was on stage to receive the award from Mr Kian Peng Seah, Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore and Mr Jorge Rodriguez, Group Managing Director at Influential Brands.


Leveraging on more than 20 years of business knowledge and expertise in Asia, InfluentialBrands® is the premier Catalyst of Growth that celebrates “Champions of Excellence” in Asia.


Declarators core values form the foundation of its successful work environment. The Company fosters collaboration, transparency, and equal opportunities for all, alongside a vibrant and open culture. Declarators invests in its employees’ growth through continuous learning, mentorship, and opportunities that align personal aspirations with the Company’s vision.


Once again A big thank you to all our employees, clients and organizers of Influential Brands! We are extremely honoured and delighted to receive this prestigious award.


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