International Women’s Day 2023

8th March is the day whereby we celebrate the achievements of women and rally for women’s equality. Women has indeed played a very huge role in contributing to the growth of Declarators!
Interesting Facts:
1. Declarator’s first official employee was a women.
2. As current, we have 13 managerial positions, 8 of them are women. (61.5%)
3. Our 3 current longest tenure serving employees are women (6.5 years and above)
4. We have given out employee of the year award for 5 straight years. Out of four were won by women. (80%)
5. Our Malaysia office has expanded rapidly in a short span of less than six months with 7 manpower to date. 70% of our workforce in Malaysia are women.
Years ago, the logistics and customs brokerage industry used to be dominated by males. We are proud to be one of the organizations that has broken the gender barrier!
Happy International Women’s Day 2023 to all the incredible women!

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