On Board Courier to Mauritius 2024


April 2024 “Achievement Unlocked” – Declarators On Board Courier Team has ventured into the African Continent and right into the middle of Indian Ocean, Mauritius!


Both our Handcarry Specialist, Zakee and Yi Feng took a 20 hours flight (with transit) from Singapore to Mauritius!


Who says you can’t handcarry Lithium Batteries? Declarators has a huge and experience team of On Board Couriers specializing in carrying many different type of items.


E.g Lithium Batteries, High Value Goods, Semiconductors, Ship Spares, Vehicle Parts, other general goods and even medicine that requires to be stored in cold-room temperature.


We can be mobilised at very short notice for on board courier (OBC) or handcarry situations at very reasonable prices.


Only at Declarators, you get paid to travel, stay in a beach resort and enjoy breathtaking views of Indian Ocean!


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