Community First Responder Award

**We have a courageous hero in our Declarators organization!**
Our employee and dispatch supervisor, Zakee has been invited by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to receive the SCDF Community First Responder Award (SCDF) for his commendable act in stepping forward to render assistance in a time of emergency.
Community First Responder Actions:
Location: Along AYE on 22nd April 2024, 1130hrs
1- Mr Zakee Bin Zulkifli was riding along AYE towards the city, before the exit to PIE, when he saw a truck on fire.
2- He promptly rode to a nearby building to retrieve two fire extinguishers.
3- Mr Zakee used the extinguishers to put out the fire prior to SCDF’s arrival.
Zakee was presented with the award by Colonel Bob Tan, Deputy Director of SCDF’s volunteer and community partnership department.
“Thank you Zakee for your selfless act and quick thinking in stepping forward to mitigate the truck fire on 22nd April.
Heroes like Zakee inspire us to believe in the power of compassion and courage. Well done Zakee, we are proud to have you in our team!”
Yours sincerely,
Managing Director of Declarators Pte Ltd, Javier Yip

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