SME 100 Fast Moving Companies 2020

Declarators Pte Ltd received the SME100 “Fast Moving Companies 2020” Award.


To be eligible for this award, the organization is required to be a home-grown, local incorporated company with at least 30% local equity ,annual turnover of at least SGD500,000 and minimum of 10 employees for service/logistics industry. This esteem award is supported by American Chambers (Amcham) and audited by Crowe.


About The Award

SME100 is a regional Award and is recognized throughout Southeast Asia with objectives and missions to identify and recognize Singapore Fast Moving SMEs with a focus on:


  1. GROWTH (turnover, profit and market share)
  2. RESILIENCE (best practices, sustainability and vision)


The awarded recipients are selected from a few hundreds of candidates, and are scored using the proprietary SME100 Scorecard, audited by CROWE. The Awards is given in 20 selected industry groupings, and is ranked across all groupings in 1 to 100 order, with no more than 20 winners from any of the industry groupings.  To read more about the award and the winners, click here.


The e-booklet can be found at


SME100 creates a platform for these winning Singapore SMEs to venture beyond shores, in potential partnerships with recipients in other ASEAN countries. Whether the organisations are captains of the industry, diplomatic leaders or the most renowned brand manufacturers, the SME100 Awards is a definite testament of one’s success and iconic status.




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