Social Media Fan Award 2023

Declarators – the only organization in Singapore presenting such a unique award!

Congratulations to our 13 Social Media Fan Award 2023 Winners!

We have great news! This award will continue this year to commemorate our 10th year anniversary!

So what are you still waiting for? This is the easiest award + cash prizes to win! Just react to our future post consistently! Award is open to anyone with a valid Facebook account!


Winners of 2023 Social Media Fan Award

  1. Aaron Koong
  2. Jasmine Chan
  3. Evelyn Koh
  4. Delvin Ng
  5. Rita Gwee
  6. Elaine Tieu
  7. Sukee Lin
  8. Lo Wei Jie
  9. Tan Yi Feng
  10. Denis Cham
  11. Renee Lim
  12. Rochelle Goh
  13. Lee Kim Lun


Aaron Koong


Jasmine Chan


Evelyn Koh


Delvin Ng


Rita Gwee


Elaine Tieu


Sukee Lin


Lo Wei Jie


Tan Yi Feng


Denis Cham


Renee Lim


Rochelle Goh


Lee Kim Lun

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