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Top 500 High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific by the Financial Times and Nikkei Asia 2021

Singapore, May 2021: Declarators receive two awards from Financial times and Nikkei Asia respectively for being one of the top 500 high-growth companies of Asia-Pacific in 2021. Declarators are ranked #99 out of the top 500 high-growth companies. Click here (Financial Times) or here (Nikkei Asia) to view the list of winners and their rankings.



Nikkei has worked with the Financial Times of London and Germany’s Statista to rank Asia’s 500 fastest-growing companies over 2016-2019.


The Nikkei-FT-Statista High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2021 shows which companies entered the pandemic as success stories. The rankings do not show the impact of the pandemic on their growth; instead, they show a range of companies that have resilience and business acumen. Many of these companies are being revealed to a wider audience for the first time, thanks to this research.


The survey covered both private and public companies headquartered in 13 countries and regions in Asia Pacific that had annual revenue of more than $100,000 in 2016 and more than $1 million in 2019. The ranking is based on the revenue growth between 2016 and 2019.

Dun & Bradstreet Eminence Award 2021

Singapore, April 2021: Dun & Bradstreet awarded Declarators with the Business Eminence 2021 Award. Click here to view the list of all winners. As such, we are now a Dun & Bradstreet rated organization bearing DUNS number: 59-539-2393.

The Business Eminence Awards is an initiative by Dun & Bradstreet Singapore to celebrate the nation’s vibrant tradition of entrepreneurship, recognize and showcase the achievements of Singapore companies that are the critical cogs in shaping the business landscape in Singapore over the past year. 

First inaugurated in 2017, the Business Eminence Awards has provided a platform to celebrate the success stories of the key movers and shakers in the local business community from across all industry verticals. Adopting the best-in-class and globally-recognized methodologies, this award uses a proprietary financial model to assess and select the leading business and helps raise the international profile of both promising and established companies in Singapore


Dun & Bradstreet Singapore has developed a proprietary financial model with several parameters to identify the best performing businesses. Our primary focus is on business growth and/or profitability.

Apart from revenue and profit growth, the model also utilizes qualitative metrics such as corporate social responsibility track records and indicators of business excellence such as corporate governance to select the best performing companies in Singapore.

Singapore Young Entrepreneurs Award 2021

Singapore, 20 March, 2021: Our founder and Managing Director Javier Yip was awarded the Singapore Young Entrepreneurs Award (SYEA) 2021 under category “Job Creation & Economic Growth” by JCI Chamber International (JCI) Marina Singapore. Click here to view the list of all winners.


The Singapore Young Entrepreneurs Award (SYEA) is a youth empowerment initiative founded by a team of youth passionate in making an impact in the business world. SYEA aims to honour and empower local youth entrepreneurs who have implemented commercially viable and sustainable changes to their businesses, with stellar results.


SYEA is founded by JCI (Marina) Singapore and co-organised with People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM) to empower local youth entrepreneurship. Key Ecosystem Partners include *SCAPE, NTUC USME, and OSG Youth Alliance to empower local youth entrepreneurship.

The Straits Times - Singapore's Fastest Growing Companies 2021

Singapore, 19 Jan, 2021: The Straits Times and market research firm Statista awarded Declarators with the Singapore’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021 Award. Declarators are ranked #19 out of the top 75 Fastest Growing Companies in Singapore. Click here to view the list of winners and their rankings.



Singapore’s fastest-growing companies is a list of 75 local firms that achieved markedly high revenue growth between 2016 and 2019.


There were strict criteria – they had to be independent firms headquartered in Singapore with revenue generated of at least $150,000 in 2016 and $1.5 million in 2019. Statista examined the officially stated revenue data of more than 600 public companies in Singapore. In the next step, certain high-profile companies that met the aforementioned criteria were added to the list.  


The calculation of growth rates was based on the revenue figures submitted by the companies in the respective national currencies. These figures were then converted into Singapore dollars for comparison. The result is a list of companies ranked by compound annual growth rate, which is calculated by taking into account revenue growth over the three-year period


SME 100 Award 2020 - Fast Moving Companies

Singapore, 2nd Dec, 2020:  Declarators received the SME100 “Fast Moving Companies 2020” Award. To be eligible for this award, the organization is required to be a home-grown, local incorporated company with at least 30% local equity, annual turnover of at least SGD500,000 and minimum 10 employees for service/logistics industry. This esteem award is supported by American Chambers (Amcham) and audited by Crowe.

About The Award

SME100 is a regional Award and is recognised throughout Southeast Asia with objectives and missions to identify and recognize Singapore Fast Moving SMEs with a focus on:

  1. GROWTH (turnover, profit and market share)
  2. RESILIENCE (best practices, sustainability and vision)

The awarded recipients are selected from a few hundreds of candidates, and are scored using the proprietary SME100 Scorecard, audited by CROWE. The Awards is given in 20 selected industry groupings, and is ranked across all groupings in 1 to 100 order, with no more than 20 winners from any of the industry groupings. To read more about the award and the winners, click hereThe e-booklet can be found at

SME100 creates a platform for these winning Singapore SMEs to venture beyond shores, in potential partnerships with recipients in other ASEAN countries. Whether the organisations are captains of the industry, diplomatic leaders or the most renowned brand manufacturers, the SME100 Awards is a definite testament of one’s success and iconic status. Press release has been published on 15th Jan 2021.

National Business Award 2020 – Best Declaring Agent

Singapore, 13 Aug, 2020:  Singapore Business Review (SBR) awarded Declarators with the Best Declaring Agent Award at National Business Award 2020, held virtually due to Covid-19 pandemic.  The nominations were judged by a panel consisting of chief executives from reputable organizations such as Nexia TS, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Baker Tilly, BDO Consultants Pte Ltd and Crowe Singapore. The winners were selected based on their innovative projects and best practises. 

To read about our winning article, please click here

BritCham Awards 2020 - Customer Service of the Year

Singapore, 29th Oct, 2020:  British Chamber of Commerce Singapore (Britcham) selected Declarators as one of the top 4 finalist in the Customer Service Provider of the Year Category at Chambers 21st Annual Business Awards, held virtually due to Covid-19 pandemic.  This is an extremely prestigious award supported by government agencies with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)Enterprise Singapore and Singapore Business Federation as Supporting Partners.

Although we did not manage to win the award, we are extremely honoured and delighted to reach the finals among hundreds of applicants. 

To read about the award and finalists, click here

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